The Louise team

Kylie Mansfield Kylie Mansfield

General Manager

A Tourism and Hospitality career spanning 25 years and everything from housekeeping on Lord Howe Island to sales and marketing in the Northern Territory has seen Kylie come full circle and return home to the Barossa Valley.  Honing skills and experience with Voyages, Constellation Group, Tourism Central Australia, Epicure and Fino along the way, Kylie swears she heard a ‘click’ as the final piece of the puzzle slipped neatly into place, with her General Manager appointment at The Louise.

Growing up on a small sheep farm near Angaston clearly shaped Kylie’s deep affinity for the regional community dynamic and absolute passion for food and wine of genuine provenance and integrity.  Even after all those years away, she’s Barossan to the core and treasures the fact that the experience of our guests, the produce in our menu and the wine on our list is crafted by a dedicated network of neighbours, friends and family. Kylie is proud to inspire her talented team in a commitment to ensure that every luxurious moment spent at The Louise should nourish the senses and enliven the spirit with a genuine connection to the culture of Barossa.

Emma Welling Emma Welling

Director of Guest Services

It’s very likely that the smiling person greeting you as you arrive at Appellation and The Louise is Emma, who is all about a genuine welcome. Emma grew up in the southern highlands of NSW, in a town called Bowral which she describes as similar to the Barossa in the way that it is regional but only an hour and 15mins drive to a major city. The second she finished school, Emma moved to Sydney and got her hands stuck into hospitality.

We all know that once this industry is in your blood, you’re hooked. And the reason…is that hospitality is a celebration of food and wine, which suits Emma to a tee.  In fact she loves food and (mostly) wine so much she and partner moved to the Barossa to eat and drink! Not exactly but you can tell by the way she talks, her photographs on Instagram, her happy grin at tastings, that she is very at home in a region which truly celebrates what grows so well here.  Emma’s passion and positivity along with her kindness, grace and calm mean a property full of happy guests and a very happy crew.

Simone Askew Simone Askew

Events Coordinator

Some people make you smile, make you feel happy and reassured just by being around them… Simone is one of those people.  Truth be told, our team will sometimes stop in their tracks just to witness Simone envelop a guest with her marvelous, natural warmth and there’s simply no better way to be welcomed to The Louise.

The secret side to Simone – her passion for manicures, an unrepentant Kardashian fascination and addiction to online shopping  – contrasts wildly with her deep love for the Barossa Valley’s natural environment.  Relaxation for Simone means Menglers Hill Lookout, Kaiser Stuhl National Park and occasional camping trips laden with a hamper of wine and a giant wheel of brie from Barossa Valley Cheese Co.

Her absolutely genuine desire to facilitate the perfect guest experience is what makes Simone an invaluable member of our Guest Services team and her borderline obsessive attention to detail makes her the perfect Event Coordinator.  We’re actually feeling rather smug about the fact she chose to join our team after graduating dux of the school!