Foodies rejoice! The Barossa takes it’s food just as seriously as we take our wine, with two wonderful cooking schools for you to learn, master and have fun.

Food Luddite Kitchen Studio with Mark McNamara

With a lifetimes experience in kitchens around the globe, Mark McNamara’s cooking classes at the Food Luddite Kitchen Studio provide the opportunity to connect with the very essence of good food, as he guides you on a journey to creating simply delicious food.

With a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and practical techniques rather than technology and fashion, Mark will give you the skills and confidence to prepare memorable food for your family and friends as he shares his love of the Barossa, a place where food and wine are the soul of the community.

The Kitchen Studio itself is a warm, inviting space, and with classes limited to a maximum of six participants you are ensured a personal experience. So whether you love to cook or simply love to eat, a class at the Food Luddite Kitchen Studio is the best place to learn about good food and cooking.

Our Barossa Table (Thursday and Friday 11am – 3pm)

You are invited to join renowned Chef Mark in his  Kitchen Studio to help prepare a delicious meal that celebrates why this is one of the world’s great food and wine regions. Your day will begin with helping to turn fresh dairy cream into butter and preparing real handmade bread from scratch. You will also master valuable pastry skills as you help make a seasonal fruit dessert, before learning the secrets of how to make the most of a whole pasture raised chicken in true Barossa style. Of course no meal would be complete without a couple of side dishes or salads from the freshest seasonal produce and when lunch is ready you can enjoy your feast over a shared table in the comfort of the Kitchen Studio or weather permitting in the shade of an ancient Pear Tree in the garden.. What is guaranteed, is that in addition to spending four, fun filled hours creating special food memories of your time in the Barossa, you will take home a wealth of new found kitchen skills and confidence from this signature Barossa Experience.

Casa Carboni Enoteca and Cooking School

For migrant Italian chef Matteo Carboni it was love at first sight when visiting the Barossa Valley and it’s Barossa Farmers Market in January 2012. The produce, the people and the landscape of this fertile land…. Matteo and his Australian wife Fiona opened their cooking school & enoteca, Casa Carboni later that year and offer 3 weekly hands on cooking classes as well as being open for great coffee and Italian treats, daily lunches and beautiful gifts. Friday nights their cosy wine bar offers tapas & fresh pasta.

Classes commence at 9am the Italian way with coffee, then it’s into the kitchen for a fun 3 hours of cooking, chatting and sharing of knowledge and experiences. Each class focusses on a region of Italy with an entree, fresh pasta, risotto or gnocchi and dessert using beautiful Barossa produce. After the class guests are seated at the long table to enjoy their 4 course Italian lunch with a glass of wine and coffee to finish.

On Saturdays Matteo offers to meet cooking school guests at the Barossa Farmers Market at 8am where he will talk about the history of the market and the producers we source from, there is plenty of time for exploring the market before returning to Casa Carboni for your class.

Matteo’s first memories of making fresh pasta are with his beautiful Nonna Pia, where everything was measured by sight and handfuls, talking about the importance of fresh eggs from ‘il contadino’ (the farmer), however it wasn’t until he was studying for his Masters degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Bologna that he became passionate about wine & food and his kitchen journey began. Matteo’s skills as a teacher were discovered during his 5 years at Academia Barilla in Parma, a culinary institution dedicated to Italian gastronomy.

Private classes, dinners and corporate team building events are offered to guests, please contact guests services.